Monkey Butler rescue society & habitat


Welcome to the Monkey Butler Rescue Society & Habitat. We are a non profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of Monkey servants. In January of 2005 our organization acquired a home on the Island of Maui that can house 8 monkeys and their handlers in an environment similar to their original habitats.


Monkeys have been used as indentured servants for thousands of years. The first known instances date back to 16th century China. Today we still see remnants of that time in children's books and folk lore about the “Monkey King”. Monkey Butlers came to western society in the 1920’s. They were typically taken as children from their native lands and taught at an early age how to do such tasks as “make a perfect martini” or “drive the Rolls”.


Monkey’s who have served humans their entire life are not quick to drop their teachings. By nature they want to please and be wanted. At the Society and Habitat we slowly teach our butlers to relax and take joy from life’s simple pleasure.



The above proof is of the plaque now being created for our first facility. It will be in place later this year.